We manufacture a wide variety of wood products. The whole working cycle, from sawing, cutting, selection and drying, to storage and transporting, is implemented with the help of the latest achievements in high technology. Even 90% of our total production is exported to many European countries. Those products include: parquets, timber, lath, lumber, latoflex, wood strip flooring, various kinds of decking. Most wanted product recently is solid wood panel, mainly made of beech wood. Those panels are width edge bonded or length – width edge bonded. We also produce massive furniture, tables, chairs and stair treads in measures that our clinets demand.

Appropriate drying and storage of wood elements and chucks guarantee the highest quality of products we offer to clients in our country and abroad. The secret to our successful business is continuos investing in development, technological progress and employee's expertise and professionalism.

The price and the delivery details of products that are out of the standard measures will be formed upon request. Oak timber is mostly delivered raw, without drying.